Wardrobe Capsule for Kids

I've always shopped at Old Navy for most of the kids' clothes because I really love what they have to offer. In the past, I've always gotten a variety of pieces that would somehow work together (fingers crossed!) and didn't put much effort into actually putting outfits together. That resulted in not being able to mix and match most things. So this year I wanted to try something new!

Have you heard of wardrobe capsules? I first found out about it from Caroline Joy. She runs the blog Un-Fancy where she shares everything you could possibly need to know when starting a wardrobe capsule. I love that she has inspired me to choose pieces that I love, look great, and last. So why not try a similar technique for my 6-year-old daughter? 

Here are few things I kept in mind: 

  1. Keep a neutral color palette with a few pops of color.
  2. Easily transitions from Summer to Fall. 
  3. Mix and match as many pieces as possible.
  4. Find items that are on sale.

Olivia and I really loved this skirt. It was a little hard to figure out what goes and what doesn't go with it but I wanted this to be her wardrobe, not mine. Here are a few different ways the skirt will work in summer and fall. 

Jeans are pretty easy to style and there are many more ways these can be mix and matched. Here are a few outfits I really liked. The green shirt is from Cat & Jack (Target) and so are the belts. 

This black and white striped dress is a favorite of mine. It's a little long on Olivia but that just means it's something she can grow into and will last longer. 

Love the chambray button down (Target, Cat & Jack). I have one, too :) Another favorite layering piece is the boyfriend button down from Old Navy. It's super cozy! 

Here are some other random outfits I came up with while going through all of her summer and fall pieces. The knit jacket is also from Cat & Jack and so soft. 

There are many more outfit variations I can come up with but the above were some of my favorites while going through her clothes this morning. I would say that I kept the goals I had in mind and very proud of how little I needed to spend in order for this wardrobe capsule to come together. We also purchased tan/sparkly sneaks from Old Navy and she already has a pair of brown Saltwater sandals. The sandals are amazing and last! Once we get closer to cold weather we'll purchase a pair of comfortable boots. 

If you have questions, leave them in the comments below :) 

Wardrobe Capsule For Kids | Washington DC Family Photographer | Sarah Cambio