Our Storybook | the beginning of a new project

You're probably thinking that since I'm a photographer I have photo books, prints, and other photo related products all over my home.. but I don't. I know. It's bad! I've been relying on social media to share and store our family's pictures and memories. My Instagram account goes back to 2011/2012 and holds thousands of photos that have yet to be printed. 

I'm really inspired by Ronnie. She kept a first year journal that held words and pictures. I believe she even printed the pictures herself! Her husband also wrote notes into the journal - love that! I think what draws me to the first year journal is how simple it is and stress free it seems. If you skip a day, no big deal, add more photos. Her site is full of info on getting started! Probably the best and only resource I found to be helpful. 



What I know I want

  • A notebook or journal. Not your traditional photo album. 
  • Prints instead of digital albums. 

What I'm unsure about

  • Short captions vs drawn out thoughts. 
  • How to organize the journals. By season, maybe? Or year? 
  • Where to start. 


Examples of journals and notebooks I love: 

Chapter & Star | How beautifully made are these? This is probably my favorite one but also comes with a higher cost. And since I'm so unsure of what exactly I'm looking for, I'm not sure I can justify the cost right now. 

Find it here

A Cheery Blossom | These leather bound, wrap closure journals are also so beautiful. I'm a fan of the wrap closure because it should hold the journal together well, once the photos have been added. Plus, the color is gorgeous!

Find it here

Anthropologie | These are a favorite, too. Again, the wrap closure is great to have and I love that the edges of the pages are rough. It comes with 130 pages which I'm guessing is front and back. I like that it's smaller to start with! 

Find it here


What do you think? Which of the above journals is your favorite and should I organize the journals by season or make one for each year? 

As I'm typing, I'm leaning towards yearly books and purchasing one that has around 350 pages. I think what makes it hard is that I have so many pictures to print, sort through, and don't want to wait to start until the new year. 

Also, Shutterfly just emailed me a shipping notification. That means I have 250 FREE 4x4 prints on their way. Eeek! Kind of scary knowing I'm not prepared for this at all. 

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