Our Storybook | Prints

I placed an order last week with Shutterfly and was so happy to see this box arrive. Inside are 250 pictures - YES 250! I ordered them all in 4x4 through my Instagram account. I plan on cutting the ones that are not a square crop. 

The process was super simple and the best part is that they were FREE! Right now, Shutterfly is printing up to 250 photos for free through their app. Sizes include 4x4 and 4x6. You're probably wondering how much shipping was and I'm happy to say it was just under $15. 

Although I wouldn't recommend Shutterfly for large prints, I think they are wonderful for finding gifts and printing smaller prints. These sizes are perfect for scrapbooking and the cost is super low ($0.15 - $0.25). 

I'm loving the ones with the white border. Last year I uploaded them this way straight to Instagram and can't remember if it was through the editing app or maybe Instagram allowed for that. Do you see this stack of prints? SO many! I love it. 

Now I need to figure out what type of journal or album I'm wanting to add these into. We're going to Georgetown this weekend and hoping they have an Anthropologie there (haven't checked!). One of the journals I have my eye on is from there and I would love to see it in person before committing. 

You can see the first post of this series here: Our Storybook | The Beginning of a New Project

You can find other labs that offer free prints from time to time. I've found that certain ones will run specials if you sign up with their newsletter or send free prints for your first order. Look around :) 

Artifact Uprising: Although their free print special just ended, keep an eye out! I've seen them do this twice these past few months. I have a set of prints from here and can tell you that the paper is thick and durable. I really love this company! 

Parabo Press: I've never ordered through this company but their prints look beautiful. They are offering 25 free square prints on your first order. Just pay for shipping! 

Free Prints: It's been a while since I've placed an order through them. The prints looked beautiful but they are glossy which I'm not a fan of. But they are free! I believe they allow for a certain amount of free prints each month. You can download their app. 

Shutterfly: For a limited time they are offering free 4x4 and 4x6 prints through their app. They look like regular lustre paper and have a slight matte look to them (my favorite). I really love them. The color is a bit washed looking but for scrapbooking and smaller prints it's not something that worries me. When it comes to large prints or wanting to display wall art, I would not choose them. 

Hope you find this helpful :)