Rhode Island Part I | Travel Photos

When The Bloom Forum shared one of my iPhone pictures of our recent trip to Rhode Island, I knew it was time to get the rest of the pictures up that I took with my camera. 

We took a week long trip to visit my husband's side of the family in Rhode Island which we do every summer. This year, we were able to also be there for his grandfather's 90th birthday! Unfortunately, we had to miss the big July birthdays cook out because my husband had to be back home for work. 

This may sound like it has nothing to do with Rhode Island but give me just a moment! I hope to one day visit the west coast because of it's beauty and outdoors, specifically Washington. The pictures I come across, taken in that part of the country, always take my breath away. I even look up PNW hashtags on Instagram and dream about hopefully traveling there one day. I picture a laid back lifestyle, a beautiful coast, and foggy weather. Don't ask me what it is about fog that I love so much, I just do :) . Brent had the idea of taking me to Watch Hill and Newport while the kids stayed back with grandma and grandpa. 

As we got closer to Watch Hill, we began to notice the fog ahead of us. We didn't arrive until about an hour before sunset and quickly rushed to the lighthouse after finding a parking spot. It was so muggy and foggy out. I quickly took a picture of the sailboats in front us because I couldn't believe how beautiful everything was. 

As we walked down the road to the lighthouse, you could hear the waves in the background. It was really hard to see much in front of us so we didn't know what to expect. Ahead were two fishermen and a few other people walking or sitting down on the grass over on the other side. 

We didn't have much time to spend here because it was getting dark and we also wanted to eat dinner. We ate dinner the Olympia Tea Room but not before taking a picture of this amazing sunset where we parked. It took my breath away. I hope to go back and spend some time relaxing at the beach.