My Workspace

Remember the post where I share how we're tackling school papers this year? Well, it's working! I'm still in the process of finding a solution for my workspace, too. Here's what I've come up with so far. 

My desk has a small drawer that I use to organize random items (aka junk) but since it serves zero purpose, it usually ends up looking like a cluttered mess. I needed to figure out a way to keep my desk clutter free, store my massive planner, and also keep things within reach. 

Here's a look at what my desk looked like before (those are dead batteries.. junk): 

I took everything out of the drawer and sorted all the items. I kept the wooden container because it works really well in this drawer. It's actually from my daughter's Melissa & Doug set! Next to the wooden container I keep folders that I use often; client check list, photography workshop info, etc. On top of the folders is where I'm able to place my planner. I don't like keeping things on top of my desk so I'm happy to finally have a space to fit the planner. 

So much better! Here are few extra pictures of my workspace. I also have a shelf to the left of my desk that holds books, more plants, and my file holder. 

What do you guys think? I would like to find something to hang above the desk although it's not really bugging me right now that it's a blank space.