Monday Musings

Anyone else excited about these beautiful temperatures? I know the weekend and last week brought lots of rain, but I can't help but to feel so happy that it's finally fall! There's something about this season that I just love and makes it my favorite. 

We planned on going to Gaver Farm Saturday, but because of the rain we moved it to Sunday. It drizzled a little bit on the way there but thankfully the weather turned out to be fine. On the way there, we picked up some coffee and cookies for the kids. 

Last year we also went for pumpkins and our Christmas tree. It's such a fun family experience and the kids love going. There is so much to do! Tons of activities, animals, market, corn maze, tractor rides, and so much more. If you've never been, you should give it a shot :) 

I don't know what it is about me and goats but they are SO adorable. Just look at these guys! 

Maybe it's just me but how can you not laugh at these expressions? The kids were a little intimidated by a few of them but all of them were sweet.

As we walked over to the kids tractor ride, I noticed these beautiful rocks that overlook the tree farm. I knew I had to get just one picture of the kids on these rocks before we left. I think these two turned out pretty good for them not wanting to cooperate :) 

Next, it was time for the pumpkin patch! We took the tractor ride there, picked out four pumpkins, took some pictures, and then waited for a ride back. We looked through their market before paying and I regret not getting a few mums to take home! I do this every.single.year. 

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