Monday Musings

It makes me so happy to wake up to a cooler morning with a light breeze. These past few days were too hot and humid for my liking! I think I'm just ready for fall season to really start, bring out the fall decorations, and wear cozy sweaters.

However, there was no sign of fall during this past weekend's family session, yet. It was really warm but not unbearable. I met Jennifer in England where I shot three sessions for her and her family. Many years later and we meet again in the DMV area - how neat! The military world is so small and you never know when you'll run into someone again. This wasn't the first time :) 

We met at the Howard County Conservancy for their family session. The sunset there never disappoints and I love that it's usually pretty quiet there with nobody around. I did get to meet another photographer, Stefani Chung, which was pretty cool since we've only 'known' each other through social media and for a very short time :) 

These top two images are seriously two of my all time favorite family pictures. Can't wait to share more! I just love my job.