How To Make A Collage + Storyboard In Photoshop

Collages are a great way to tell a story with your images. I love making these for my client sessions to share on Facebook. Sometimes it creates a much bigger impact than sharing only one image. 

I made this collage in Photoshop to fit one vertical image and two horizontal images. The size of the collage is 2000px x 1410px. Be sure to download it at the end of this post - free! 

And here is what it looks like once I've added images. 

Once you've downloaded the storyboard, open it in Photoshop. You'll notice three layers that contain a black box. This is where your photos will go. To make it easy, I've created additional layers, labeled Place Photo Under Here. It's as simple as dragging the image and dropping it below that layer, but on top of the black box. 

Here is my layers panel.

Open three images to add to your storyboard; 1 vertical and 2 horizontal. Now drag and drop the vertical images between layers Photo 1 and Place Photo Under Here.

This is what your layers panel and collage will look like. See how the images are placed between the two layers? 

Next, the images must be resized to properly fit into the each box. 

Highlight Layer 1, which contains your vertical image, by clicking on it once. Just like I've done in the photo above.

Hold down command + t and click on the button I've circled to maintain the original ratio (top left). Place your cursor over the small squares on the image to resize. Click on the check mark when you're done.

Follow the above steps for the other images. Once you're done, you must flatten your image. Layer > Flatten Image

That's it! You've created your first storyboard. Let me know if this tutorial was helpful!