A Look Back: Five Years Of Progress

I'm currently teaching my second online photography workshop and having so much fun! But it must be intimidating to post images for assignments when you're new, and have no idea if you did the assignment right until you post it. We have to remember that everyone starts somewhere and nobody jumps into this a pro. 

Here is a look back to 2010 when I was shooting with a Canon XSi. You can see my progress all the way to 2015. I think it will be really fun to do the same with family sessions that I've shot over the years and see how much things have changed. Part of what makes photography so fun, is that you're constantly able to grow and learn new things to better your craft. 

Here we go, 2010:

Moving on to Summer 2010. I began to slowly have a better understand of how to take portraits of our daughter, except I jumped into editing a bit too early. 

Here are a couple of pictures toward the end of 2010: 

In 2011 I began to get a better understanding of editing and also being creative. I still love these two pictures! It's funny that I still remember driving up to the location for the second image. It was kind of a random idea and it worked out so well. Both of these were taken in England... I miss it still! 

In September 2011, this sweet guy joined our family and my photography kept improving. I was shooting A LOT! 

Let's jump to 2012 and 2013:

 I even tried film! That was fun.

And finally, pictures from 2014 and 2015. Wow! What a journey this has been.