Creating A Functional Homework Station

Last year, piles of paperwork were scattered across our kitchen island and I knew something needed to be done to tackle this mess. If you don't have school-aged children, you may not realize how much paper they bring home DAILY! If you don't have a filing system set up, you're probably experiencing the same clutter of paperwork as we did. 

We live in a three-story townhome and when we first designed a space for the kids to leave their backpacks and lunchboxes we weren't thinking about functionality. Sure, it looked great, but it didn't work for us. We (or maybe just me) needed the backpacks/lunchboxes close by and keeping them downstairs wasn't an option. Our main living area is on the second floor which means we don't have an actual entrance upstairs. It's a downside. 

So here is a look at what the wall used to look like. It worked well when it came to holding Olivia's backpack, but there was no paper storage and jackets would usually cover the light switch. Zero functionality. 

Here is what does (hopefully!) work: 

The dining table is right across from this wall and the kitchen is obviously next to it. This will work out great when it comes to homework and getting dinner prepped.

Do you have a designated area for paperwork? What has and what has not worked for you? 

All the details

  • The basket is from Target and holds folders so that I'm able to sort Anthony and Olivia's school work. The top basket is being used for decor to add a little character. 
  • The bunny was my husband's and adds a touch of childhood. 
  • The picture was taken in North Dakota while picking up our Christmas tree. 
  • The little clay bird was made by Olivia in art class. It's so cute and unique! 
  • Hooks and frame were also purchased at Target. 
  • The wooden bead garland I made myself with leftover beads from a project. 
  • The plant sits on a wooden basket that holds library books. I love adding plants around our home because it adds so much life and a pop of color.
  • Backpack from Target's new line, Cat & Jack. We still need to get one for Anthony. 

Since most of the things used I already had on hand, this only cost us $25! I think what I love the most about this wall, besides it being functional, is the personal touches. That's what makes a house a home. 

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