3 Editing Tips For Beginners

Editing doesn't have to be confusing or difficult. When you're first exploring the world of Photoshop, ACR, or Lightroom, you'll probably feel overwhelmed by all the available options. It's important to remember less is more. You'll eventually develop your very own unique style with practice. 


I up the exposure of almost every image I take, even if it's just by +10! It almost adds a polished look to the image and I love that. To the photo below, I added about +40 in the exposure panel. 

Photoshop Editing Tips | DC Family Photographer


Contrast was always one of those things that I never added enough of. Now, I usually add anywhere up to +40. That's a lot of contrast and I usually only do that to images that are backlit or really lacking a pop. For the picture below I added +20 in the contrast panel in ACR. If you compare the two pictures you'll notice some depth in her hair and eyes. It's a good idea to slowly add contrast and see what you like. 

Photoshop Editing Tips | DC Family Photographer


If your picture is lacking color, try to add a little bit of saturation. This was just +10 and you can see a slight change in her cheeks and flowers on her shirt. Never push the saturation because it can quickly add too much! Less is more here. Personally, I never add more than +10 and usually stick around +3 (if that!). It really just depends on the picture. 

Photoshop Editing Tips | DC Family Photographer